Hola people!!

Off lately whatever I wish for/crave for/think of miraculously happens. Now that is also a big responsibility because I have to be super careful to be positive and optimistic at all times.

In my opinion, it’s a wonderful side effect of it

Recently I visited a dear friend and evening time she was making hot crispy dosas for her daughter (you know how South Indians have batter in their fridge at all times, the way North Indians keep kneaded Atta) Personally, I’m a big fan of homemade dosa. So, the craving started but I had already filled my stomach of  Sambhar, Avial, rice etc. so I had to give it a ditch and she didn’t have enough batter that day for me to take home. I decided to pick it up from our local shop on my way back home to have it for breakfast. I had few too many things to do on the way so I forgot picking it up.

I come back home and get settled. Around 11:30 pm my neighbour calls me to inform that his house’s electricity has not been there for the past few hours. He is out visiting a friend and just now he got to know that it’s unlikely for it to come that very night so he is planning to come very late. If I could remove stuff from his refrigerator and keep in my refrigerator till his electricity comes back in order to prevent them from getting spoiled. So I bring all the perishables to my house.

And you know what! I find DOSA BATTER in his fridge. However, it’s his property so I quietly keep it.

Since his wife & daughter are out on a vacation and he gets busy the next day. There was a chance of doasa batter going bad, Who enjoys those yummy crispy Dosas the next day??

ME 😊

In the past whenever I ran after something the more it eluded me. Everything had started to become, burdensome. Be it cooking, waking up in the morning, interactions with people, responsibilities toward home, my son. I went through a major low phase health wise as well (that’s another sharing coming soon to you)

Life is getting super interesting for past few years for me. The more I am getting relaxed and chilled out, more the life is bringing abundance to me and I am learning to stay in this surrender mode.

I am doing whatever I need to do and whatever makes me happy (be it experimenting in my cooking, painting, dancing, singing, listening to music).

I am allowing myself to be vocal about my needs and wants, taking care of my resposibilites with much joy and laughter. It’s like I am on a forever vacation mode in my head, nothing to worry or stress about:)

Life is simple! Life is fun only if you allow it to.

What are you allowing yourself to have today?
Do share your thoughts with me here 😊

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From my heart to yours