This word has come to me several times in the past week.

This got me thinking what does this word even mean to me.

When I look at it closely it, our entire journey is from Nothingness to the matter form to going back to Nothingness. Coming a full Circle.

So if I go deeper into it, we came from detachment to attachment to back to being detached from all that we experience on this earth. Being an observer to what is happening to us. Be it our body or our thoughts or people or situations.

I am attached to my family, my friends. Someone else is attached to their work.
Probably there is no other higher purpose here but to know, acknowledge, understand and let it go.

If we understood this simple funda then probably the pain, the sadness, the jealousy, the unhappiness, misery all of it will go away from us.

Having said that, is it that simple to be detached?
Not for me!!
What about you?