Inviting more love into the world.


We all need a support system. A place of unconditional love. A place where we belong. A non-judgemental place that sets us free to explore ourselves and our connections in the universe. A fellowship that embraces diversity, difference and otherness and seeks only to grow, inspire and connect.


I started The Circle of Love Club so that we could all be this support system for each other. Inspire one another to be all we can be in every moment of our lives. A reflection of the infinite divine love which flows out of all living things on this Earth and throughout the universe.


The only prerequisite to joining our little community is a firm commitment to self.
Fortnightly Circles to explore ourselves through various activities such as:
  1. Art and Music: Making Mandalas, exploring the inner artist, Drum circles
  2. Visualisations to manifest, create, eliminate
  3. Meditations – Full Moon, New Moon
  4. Monthly Book Readings: Experiencing the joy of discussing a chosen book we have all read that month and understanding different perspectives.
  5. Learn about various alternative modalities from guest Therapists.
  6. A fortnightly newsletter