Angels Up High – Part 3

Angels are always around us. And they never ever spontaneously connect with us or interfere in our lives unless we ask for their help. Our energetic structure and the energetic structure of Angels is totally different. Since they vibrate at a much higher frequency than ours, we mostly can’t see them with our naked eyes. Sometimes we do feel their presence and if we tune into their frequency we get a glimpse of them. If an angel wants to appear in front of you, they will present themselves in a way that is meaningful to you. Be it as a light, a vision, a wonderful perfume, a beautiful whisper or quiet peaceful stream of thoughts in your mind. There are few exceptions when they sometimes have taken a human form for us to make their presence felt.

Many people have felt their presence or seen them at the time of an accident or crisis. Some people are lucky and privileged that they can connect to ‘Higher Beings’ naturally. Some have to do take certain actions to establish the connection. Most of these people have felt these higher beings at some point in time in their lives, mostly in a time of crisis. That has brought in the change in some of their lives and they started looking out for ways to connect with Angels and other beings. Some of them have not felt their presence but felt the need to work on them to bring in the much-needed change so that they are in a positive frame of mind and that level of understanding life.

One night Dhruv and I were coming back home at 12 in the night after visiting our family friends, it was a pretty secluded area (Madh Island). When we reached our car, the car remote wouldn’t work and the car wouldn’t open. We tried everything possible to open the car, in frustration we even tried banging remote on the road. Nothing worked. Finally, I told Dhruv, let’s call Archangel Michael, only he can help us now. We called for his help in our minds and pressed the remote. AND it worked 🙂

Michael has helped me getting parking spaces in the most crowded places, helped me get clear roads. I ask for it and he is always there to give his gentle support. There have been times when it hasn’t worked and I know the reasons behind it. Once my telephone connections, mobile phone, internet everything together stopped working. I didn’t have any kind of connection totally. I called for AA Michael’s help still it didn’t work. I understood there is a deeper understanding and learning for me in it. Eventually when I resolved my issue of communication with people, slowly everything came back to life.

There are many ways to be in a positive state of mind. Age-old ways are praying, meditating, chanting mantras (Mantras are sounds which create a specific energy that charges the environment), practising yoga, Tai chi etc.

As we are evolving we are figuring out other ways to connect with higher beings and even if not wanting to connect with them, then at least to be in a (more) positive state of mind.

Most of us are born with all 9 senses and 7 Clairsenses.

Yes. You read it right. You are a little confused, aren’t you?  From the time you have understood life you always heard people telling you that you have 5 senses – Sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell, and here I am, telling you that you have 4 more senses AND 7 clairsenses.

Am I out of my senses? Or do I make any sense?