Angels Up High – Part 1


Who are they? Do they really exist?

Can we see them or feel them? Can we talk to them or meet them?

Everyone has these questions in their mind. But then we look back into our childhood, did we really need any assurance from anyone that Angels exist? We just believed they are part of our daily lives. We just turned to Tooth Fairies, Santa Claus, Angels to fulfil small little wishes that we held in our ever-trusting pure hearts.

What made us start doubting their existence when we “grew up?”

What was it that happened to disconnect us from them?

We started believing in science more than our own feelings, our own intuition. As we matured, we lost that trust in our heart and actions. Our dependency on the outside world and need for tangible proof created this disconnect from a wonderful realm of trust and belief. If there is no scientific (Physical!) proof of them existing, how could they exist? Angels are deemed just imagination and fantasy.

Do we really need science to prove the existence of so many coincidences happening in our lives? Can we ever prove our own existence scientifically?

Keep tuned in to understand about those coincidences, that little voice. You might just find the answers to those certain questions running in your mind.