Ask and you will receive

Ask and you will receive

– Jesus

How many of us understood what it meant? I didn’t. I always believed why do I need to tell him what I wish to have in my life, or what I desire in life.

This belief came crumbling down when I started understanding ‘The Law of attraction”. How on this earth was I going to get what I wish to have in my life when deep down in me I always felt I don’t deserve it?

If my core belief was of undeserving then my energy structure also gave similar signals. I would feel uncomfortable asking for money. My fee which was rightfully mine, I spent time with my clients, my valuable time that I could have spent with my child, family. It was an issue to charge for my sessions as I felt undeserving, and other people’s needs were more important than mine.

Whenever you ask for something and it has not been given to you, look within. Do you really have conviction of what you are asking for; are you absolutely worthy of getting it?

What is your belief system related to it?

Is earning money an issue?

Money brings in responsibilities. Money takes away humility. Money brings in power and many can’t handle that power.
All these are belief systems that we have been carrying for long, either we saw something we didn’t like and our subconscious registered or we had our own experiences which created these beliefs in us.

Does a relationship mean a burden, deep within? Does a relationship mean that you will lose your identity? Or you will not have your freedom with you? Would you feel obliged to look at other person’s need over yours?

What is it that is your core belief related to that particular issue you are facing at the moment?

If you can identify it, with awareness you can bring in the shift in your perception and look at it in a new light. Once your perception has shifted, you can bring in the much needed change in your reality as well. Your energy structure will now start vibrating at a level where you can attract whatever you wish to. Once there is an alignment between your core belief and what you are asking for, it shall be given to you. When you are giving out mixed signals even the DIVINE is confused what to give you. And mostly HE will give you is what your energy structure is vibrating at, what you believe at core level.