Reiki and I

“A dark cloud is no sign that the sun has lost his light”
Charles Spurgen

When Reiki first came into my life, I was unaware that it will change my life forever. My introduction to ‘Reiki was through a fellow dancer in some dance class and I saw him all glowing, calm and composed. I don’t even remember his name now. All I know is he was an angel who pointed me in a direction that changed the course of my life forever.  He confesses that Reiki brought in many changes in his life and sorted him in many ways.

I was 31, married yet so clueless about life and self. So I thought to myself it won’t do any harm to me if I tried this. The very idea of it was so exciting and I was eager to know what will it bring in my life that I  immediately contacted the teacher and without even experiencing Reiki learned the modality.

When my initiation into Reiki happened, I cried and kept wondering what moved me.

😊 This is what Reiki Healing does, I realized later in life.

My life situations were difficult while growing up and they made me super complicated, sensitive touchy person. After my initiation into Reiki; life started to look even more complex, complicated. Yet over a period of time, I started to become simple, uncomplicated.

Too many files from my past, some very uncomfortable ones started to open up. I didn’t know the whys and whats of it then, but I know now, it was to sort all that was enmeshed in my psyche. It was to completely break open the old me to create this new positive and open person I was becoming. It was all being done so that I could enjoy and nourish myself, and to make my future abundant, calm and peaceful.

As if I had taken a rebirth and my eyes were opened for the first time. I was able to see life with much more clarity and a better perspective. I became a student of life and life ever since has taught many wonderful lessons. I can safely say today Reiki opened it all up for me. It created ME. Had it not been for Reiki I wouldn’t have known myself the way I do now.

It has been a superb journey with many twists and turns. It definitely has taken me to my darkest secrets and to the darkest of hours, only to bring light there. It also has helped me make friends with my shadows. Shadows, I tried to run away from, shadows I was most fearful of. But don’t we all know we can never outrun our shadows, so I took a pause and faced them dreadfully. Eventually, I could see the lighter side of what the shadows were trying to tell me 🙂

I am still learning about myself and will keep learning. I know today that I am my only competition and the only companion. Only I can either destroy or make myself.

I choose to build myself every single day by choosing to see the light in every situation, accepting and loving even my shadows. For there can be no light without darkness.