A New Beginning

A little over two months ago, I decided I needed a new website.

When I started my journey, dabbling with various healing modalities, I had no one to guide me. I was pretty much on my own, working out what would work for me and what wouldn’t. It took me many years to figure out my strengths and my weaknesses.

In the process, I realised I was left all scatter-brained. I had taken in more than I could digest. I had too much knowledge but very little practice. I underwent hundreds of therapies thinking I needed to work on myself more. Not that these therapies didn’t work for me. I know now in my heart that it would have been nice if someone had held my hand and told me the power of healing is within me; that I didn’t have to keep running from pillar to post to fix myself. I so wished I had a mentor to guide me and help me choose my path, when to go slow and when to run.

Finally, and luckily for me, Angels guided me to an Angel Card Reader, Bhavna Bhagat, now a dear friend, and Sohrab Ardeshir, a channel and a medium. Bhavna kept me together, grounded me to realities of life and Sohrab taught me to reach the sky, to be a medium and a channel. They taught me words and encouraged and inspired me to walk this path without a doubt, fearlessly and joyously.

Their help was instrumental in my decision to in turn offer help to those lost on their journey. For a very long time, I have been inhibited, shy to talk about myself. I still am. It makes me uncomfortable as I feel it comes from the Ego. Over time though I realised if I wished to reach out to people and offer my help, they needed to know of my existence. That in telling the world about myself, I did not become any less me.

I would like to introduce you to thecircleoflove.in – my website, a work of much reflection and joy.

I do believe love heals everything and in this world that is what is missing. We have gotten so busy making ends meet, so busy in our lives that we have lost connection with ourselves. We are all running a race we are not even aware of.

This website is the first step towards the community I wish to grow one day. A community where we are connected only by our hearts. Where no one is judged, questioned, where no one has to justify their way of being. Where people are aware of their awesomeness, connected to their soul’s calling. Where no one puts them into a category. Where people are free to be who they are, unapologetically.

Come join me, help me make this community a reality.