Life is nothing but moments

Life is nothing but moments. And what happens when we get stuck in our issues and spoil that one moment and it keeps coming back to haunt you?

Has it ever happened to you? Where you wished that you could travel back in time and make everything perfect, the way it would make that moment happier enjoyable?

It has happened to me. At times when I look back at things, I realize I was not operating out of love but lower emotions. Whenever I became rigid and wanted to look at things only from I, Me, Myself, It came back and haunted me forever. I wish I could erase those memories, those words which I probably didn’t even mean. That attitude of mine where I didn’t look at the whole picture but only a small part of it and created a moment which made me miserable and unhappy, also those whom I love dearly.

So what to do when you get stuck in your lower emotions? When you don’t operate out of your own self? When you operate out irritation, ignorance, sadness not love.

Pause and ask yourself for the clarity of what exactly it is you want from that moment and if you behaved in a particular way how is it going to affect you in the future?

Ask for the objective from yourself. 
What is your objective to behave the way you are. Does it make you happy? Does it fill you with joy? Would you like to visit this moment with fondness? If not, then what can you do to change it in the now and make it a happier, loving joyful moment?

If ever you do mess it up, don’t feel shy to pick up a phone and ask for forgiveness. It might not change the moment yet it will bring you relief. It will lighten your burden of that guilt which you may carry through your life. Shed the load darlings, it’s not worth it. Life is just this moment you are breathing in and fill this moment with Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony.

The moment that just passed by is never going to come back so wake up, get up and make it that perfect moment you always wished for. You created them and you only can destroy it. Don’t look back at your life full of regrets but with pride. Take charge of yourself and GO MAKE THE MOST OF IT.