Drop the judgement

Always remember when you criticize something or someone you are actually criticizing a part of your own being as you will only recognize that part of the other which resonates with you energetically.

To understand this in a simple language, Say you speak German and the person you are interacting with speaks French. Would you be able to understand what the other is saying?

No, Right!!

Similarly your energy structure has a language and it will only recognize what it speaks within. So whenever you have a negative emotion coming up for someone, look within where it is arising from? Which parts of you, you don’t accept? Which part of you feels jealous/ upset/ irritated/ angry with the other?

If you feel jealous of the other does it mean that you don’t have enough? Or does it mean Life is not fair to you? Does it make you sad/ upset?

If you feel angry with the other then what exactly made you angry? Remember anger is not an emotion by itself it is an after effect of deep hurt. Which part of you got so hurt that it resulted in an outburst? What made you hurt?

Reflect on your behavior by the end of the day.

Did it go the way you planned it to be?

Were you able to keep yourself positive and upbeat through the day?

If not, then what made you upset? Which part of you didn’t feel, complete and fulfilled? Stay with the thought and you will start understanding your deeper emotions slowly.