“What is this LIFE, if not a miracle?”

Isn’t it Miracle, that Magic which happened to us?
 We come to this earth in such a miraculous way… Conception itself is wonderful and magical.There is so much joy we experience when we see a newborn child 🙂

We see miracles, magic on a daily basis…Are we ready to recognize them?

The Whole Universe is ever changing, ever evolving, ever trusting to create magic around us.Only if, we ‘pause and listen’ to those sweet encouraging whispers cool breeze brings along.

Only if we took out some time to look around and appreciated the power of Nature

Nature does nothing extravagant to be in the flow, it just flows. Just by Being itself Nature brings in so much of balance.

When it comes to our lives, our issues and our sufferings, what do we do? How do we handle it?

We tend to forget that Nature has its own beautiful ways to heal us, clear our issues, mend our ways, harmonize us, balance us

And it is ‘Us’ who have created the Dis-harmony! Im-balance! in our own systems and around us.

Why do we do that?

  • We do it because we don’t want to change. It would be nice if others changed for us.
  • We don’t want to evolve yet others should evolve.
  • We don’t trust the very nature that brought us into this life.
  • We get into the whole cycle of blaming, brooding, sulking, demanding.

Let’s take a pause and few questions to ask ourselves…

  • What more can we do to make our life better?
  • What is it that we can do to make our journey smoother?