Angels Up High – Part 2

Let’s do this small experiment with ourselves.

Just let us try to be aware of our feelings when we are around people whom we like and whom we are not so fond of.

What happens inside you?

What happens to your body language?

Sometimes, you meet someone you don’t like too much, but there is no real reason for the dislike. They didn’t really say anything to you but something changed your mood, your feelings and your reactions to the person you interacted with. And how many times have we met someone, whom we instantly ‘connect’ with? Whom we liked, for no real reason, just feel that the ‘vibe’ was right.

What is this ‘vibe’?

There are many questions like this, that are part of our daily, everyday lives, and which science yet can’t answer and prove. All changes in mood and emotions are solely based on what kind of energy the other person emits and whether or not it matches with your frequency. If it matches with yours, you feel good in the company. If it doesn’t, you try to keep a distance.

Energetically, we all know what is good for us and what isn’t. Do we really listen to that little voice in us that guides us? That little voice comes from our energetic self. The one which wants bests for us at all times. The more that we get attuned to ourselves and our inner voice, the more will we start experiencing magic in our lives.

We are part of the energetic structure that emits various frequencies and signals at different levels. Science has been able to capture few of them such as sound and light, but it is nowhere close to identifying and recording of higher beings such as Angels, fairies, ascended masters and beings from other planets.

Human evolution has already shown that we have physically and mentally grown.

Energetically we are in a hierarchy with other things around us such as rocks, plants, animals – rocks being the densest energy and humans at the most light, so we can occupy more area easily. Science has already proven this fact. Rocks and stones and crystals are energetically different. Some stones and crystals have much higher frequency and each of these have certain qualities and frequencies that are the reason for an astrologer to recommend a certain stone for our use. This stone interacts and synergizes with our individual energy and aids our energetic structure to vibrate at a level where it matches with the desired outcome.

Angels operate out of the 7th dimension. A dimension is a frequency band like wave band on a radio. Humans mostly live at the frequency band of the 3rd dimension. As we start working on ourselves to look into the positive side of life and operate out love, peace, joy and harmony, we start tuning into the 4th and 5th dimensions where we can connect with Angels and other beings easily.

Every thought, emotion, feeling also has an energy attached to it. The happier and more positive the emotion & thought, the higher the frequency is. And the sadder, more negative emotions and thoughts have denser energies.

Science has also proven that energy can’t be destroyed. So if we connect to this for a moment we will realise why we sometimes cry or feel sad while watching a movie. Something moves somewhere within us, it connects to our energy and we feel sad, cry. It matches the frequency of some emotion within us. Similarly, for a happy scene, we laugh, we enjoy. That is the reason we like to go to a party and have fun as the energies are already higher and happier there. And some people like to go and sit a bar, for the energies are denser and match with their state of being.

As soon as we start working on raising our frequency, we can form our connection with angels and it becomes easier to listen to their message.

Read more about Arch Angels in my next post.