I come from Lucknow, a city in North India. We were a small family of four – my parents, my sister Anju and I. It was a good life.
My father passed away when I was 7. His death created a big void within me, and I grew up a depressed, reclusive child. I didn’t like to socialise. Nothing interested me. I didn’t care for studies, and I wasn’t any help at home. My mother didn’t know how to deal with me – she was struggling herself to cope with my Dad’s absence. We didn’t have much by way of support from our extended family, and she had to raise us single-handed and put food on the table.
 At the age of 16, I started working and kept myself occupied with some job or the other. Not that work made things better, but it sure kept me going. In my growing years, I didn’t really have friends, just this one girl I was close to. But she too passed away when we were just 20. Her passing away created another void in me.
I quit my fashion design course incomplete at the age of 25 and moved to Mumbai in 1996, where my sister was already married and settled. I started working as an assistant costume designer in television. A couple of years later I met my husband, and we were married in the year 2000. I was working as a full-time Costume Designer.Things were finally looking up.
Then in 2002, when I was pregnant with my child, suddenly life became too much to handle, and I knew I needed help. And that’s when Reiki made its way into my life, bringing much-needed peace and love in my life. Reiki brought calm and centred me. In the process, I realised life has so many wonderful dimensions. It’s up to us which side of the coin we want to look at. The one which shows us love, joy, peace, harmony or the one which creates the imbalance, disharmony, restlessness.
Since then I have discovered many wonderful realms. I discovered my spirituality. I have participated in a number of self-studies and workshops on how metaphysics and spirituality work; I was and still am amazed by the results they bring to my life, and to others through me. I feel a cosmic presence in every sphere of my life, whether physical, mental, emotional or material.
I was always extra sensitive as a child.As I studied and improved my outlook towards life and people, I realised Angels have always been there with me. It has taken me a little while to recognise and connect with them.
They appear in my life various forms – in the form of energy, in the form of friends and family to make my life better.
Life is a journey, and all of us, travellers.
We choose our paths, taking one step at a time to reach our destination, I feel and believe that the simpler and lighter you travel without the extra baggage, the faster it is to reach your goals.
And if, on this journey, you have fellow travellers with you, whom you can trust, depend on, connect with and have fun with, this journey becomes a celebration at every step.
I’m here to help you do just that 🙂

(c) Swati Mishra 2019

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