Have you experienced this in your life?
  • Low physical energy levels – it’s hard to get up in the morning, or you get easily tired
  • Being fearful and feeling insecure – you wish you had more confidence
  • Feeling imbalanced and not in connection with yourself
  • Over emotional or you carry too much pain, anger and it is too hard for you to forgive
  • Relationship, money issues
  • Unable to express yourself, feeling shy or worried about what others think of you
  • Scattered, stressed out, or can’t hold a single thought
  • Easily distracted, concentration is impossible

Awaken your Chakras Workshop includes:

  • A detailed overview of the 7 chakra system. When you learn the chakra system, for each chakra, you will know the colors, location, glands and organs that are associated with the chakra. By knowing this information you can learn to begin to heal yourself, this way you become physically healthier.
  • The states and symptoms of each chakra. By deeply learning the symptoms of each chakra you will be able to identify for yourself which chakras are blocked, active and overactive. When you know which chakras are weak or overactive, you will know which ones need more attention and work.
  • The chakra activation and balancing techniques. You will now have the tools in your hand to balance and activate your chakras. The Activation and balancing methods includes understanding what colors to visualize, the symbols associated with the chakra, and the element it is associated with.
  • Breathing exercises to open and clear the chakras