• Discernment vs Judgement
    In my Chakra workshop, one of the participants asked me how to release judgement about a person. When probed further she realized it was just discernment at her end.
  • Mirrors
    “Your perception of me, is a reflection of you. My reaction to you is an awareness of me.” Unknown People are mirrors in our life.If something bothers you about the other, it definitely means it has a trigger that has an existence in you.
  • Interaction between Gross and Subtle bodies 1.0
    We experience the world in 2 ways through Physical and Energetic body. Our experiences through the physical body are Gross.
  • Fake it till you make it 2.0
    This is in continuation of my last post, Fake it till you make it. I felt the need to explain it further. Faking it, in my understanding, tells me that I have an issue and I’m choosing not to look at it.
  • Fake it till you make it
    “Fake it till you make it”. Isn’t that a lot of motivational speakers say? Affirm everyday and you will be sorted.
  • I love you
    This happened many months back. I felt like sharing it with you today. I saw a dream that I remember vividly,
  • You and I
    When I was doing my Hypnotherapy course and we came to the Module of ‘Past life’ . As a demo in the class, I went through a very interesting and exciting past life regression which ungrounded me for days together.
  • Break the barrier!
    I have been in depression for good part of my life. If I look back now, I think from the age of 7-8 till the age of 42-43 years. A good 35 plus years. For the last 5 years I’m managing it well.
  • Reiki Level -1
    Reiki is that Prana/Ki/Chi which flows in us freely and abundantly. The disease itself speaks of being at dis-ease, which is nothing but prana getting blocked. Once Prana/Ki/Chi starts to flow in us as it is meant to be, all the physical, emotional and mental issues start to dis-appear.
  • Two Important Practices
    I read this article somewhere and I felt like sharing it with all of you. Do leave a comment if it makes sense to you or brings some perspective. These two practices have come up for me recently, and I find them to be very useful and potent…
  • Detachment
    Detachment! This word has come to me several times in the past week. This got me thinking what does this word even mean to me.
  • Manifestation!
    Hola people!! Off lately whatever I wish for/crave for/think of miraculously happens. Now that is also a big responsibility because I have to be super careful to be positive and optimistic at all times.
  • Money is just an energy
      Since I am starting my venture “Daanpeti”  it is imperative that I clarify questions many have regarding my ‘Pay as you Like’ sessions: “Why do you not keep a fixed amount for the sessions?’ “Why do you keep it Pay as you like?”
  • Reiki and I
    “A dark cloud is no sign that the sun has lost his light” Charles Spurgen When Reiki first came into my life, I was unaware that it will change my life forever. My introduction to ‘Reiki was through a fellow dancer in some dance class and I saw him all glowing, calm and composed. I…
  • ‘Letting Go’
    I have clients asking me questions and whenever they were facilitated into figuring their answers out. Their response has always been “Oh, It is that simple! Yes! Life is all about being simple, being that extraordinary in life doing simple ordinary things.
  • Reiki Level – 1
    17th & 18th February 2018 10:30 am – 6:30 PM  @ Goregaon west Fine tune your inner voice and tap into the most amazing, simple yet powerful source of energy to bring in the best in you.
  • Society
    Society was made initially for our convenience and safety. As humans we are not meant to stay alone, we are meant to stay in a community for the benefit of the community, for a larger goal.
  • Relationships
    Any relationship is bounded by the limits we put to it. Relationships are explored through our idea of it, our expectations, and belief regarding another.
  • Energy Healing
    What is Energy healing and how does it work? To understand this we first need to understand that every thought, every emotion, every person and everything is ENERGY. And each has its own frequency and flow.
  • Letting go
    It was time for Ganpati to go and an emotional time for us. Dhruv asks me if we could have him forever. Even I wasn’t so ready to say Good Bye to him. As usual, HE has a dialogue with me and teaches me a very important lesson of my life of ͚’Letting Go͛’.
  • Highs and lows
    Nature which is so beautifully synchronized that it doesn’t need anyone to remind it to bring in Sun and Moon at a particular time. Seasons come, serve their term and go only to return at the right time again.
  • Death, an ultimate truth
    Many times I have sat and wondered how would I behave, what would I do or feel if ever a dear person very close to me passed over?
  • Surrender
    When I tried doing it all by myself, I failed. When I left it to HIM There was no trying anymore.
  • Night and Day
    When the night is dark and it’s often too stark; It surprises me that I managed to reach this mark Now that this night is about to get over I often wonder what if unknown makes me go through all over
  • Who am I?
    Am I that very person people expect me to be, their perception of me? or Am I that person in search of that identity which never is going to be hers.
  • God is in charge
    When God takes something from your grasp, HE is not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. ‘God will never take you where He will not protect you.’
  • Love is
    Many times I have asked myself what exactly Love is? Recently the penny dropped. Love just is.
  • A shift in perspective
    When I look around, I see so much of beauty all around in nature that is ever-replenishing itself, never complaining, never comparing.
  • Focus
    I would like to share a story today: A boy went to the Principal and said: “Madam, I won’t be coming to School anymore.” The Principal responded, “But why?”
  • This drama called life
    Like every story we hear, a movie we watch or play we catch, we too are characters of our own story. As each story has its beginning, process, and the end, so do we.
  • A balanced life
    We hosted Ganpati (Elephant God) this year, and the energies were joyous. HE taught me so many things in such a simple manner. One evening while I was attending to him I saw that the Diya had very little ghee (clarified butter) in it.
  • To love is to illuminate the world
    “With all that love and longingness Earth awaits the Sun to come back and shower her with his wonderful, energising energy. After all these years Earth never told Sun that I own you and look what happened with that kind of love. The whole world is illuminated.” Dr Wayne Dyer
  • On forgiveness
    What does forgiveness mean to you? Does it mean that you are now okay with whatever happened to you and you are now ready to move on with your life?
  • On the art of unlearning
    A little while ago, I posted about unlearning and was asked this question, “How does one unlearn?”
  • Have you boxed yourself in?
    Last year, I had this fantastic opportunity to be with a group of exuberant people of different places of the world at CapoeirAsia. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art, and the way it is played has always intrigued me.
  • A New Beginning
    A little over two months ago, I decided I needed a new website. When I started my journey, dabbling with various healing modalities, I had no one to guide me.
  • Little Girl
    While I am reading Richard Bach’s book “Running from Safety” a constant nagging thought running parallel in my mind what if I run into my younger self. What will I see, what will I say, what would I do?
  • Routine or Rhythm
    An interesting question was asked by a dear friend of mine. What is more important, Routine or Rhythm? Now if you look at it intellectually aren’t they the same? Yet they are so different.
  • Dialogue between mind and soul
    I slept really late last night, somehow couldn’t get my sleep. When I woke up early morning a tiny little voice in me said, ‘Go back to sleep, you deserve a proper 8 hour sleep minimum.’
  • Celebration
    Celebrate the vibrant colors of life this Holi Festival. Each day of our life can be a celebration. Take some time today and think – What can you celebrate today? How are you going to do it?
  • Act of kindness
    'Act of kindness' brings in smile on our faces,How about being kind towards self #lovingself #kindnessreikiprinciple pic.twitter.com/pi02lhQrDA — Swati (@swatmishra) March 15, 2016
  • Self-love
    Often when I ask the participants of my workshops what is that one thing you love about yourself the most. Mostly the answers that come are: “I love that I am able to take care of family well”.
  • Let your daughters fly
    I am a mother of 12 year old boy. Dinner table conversations with friends’ evoked memories and questions in my head regarding dating and sex by the younger generation. Since I am mother to a boy I will never be able to understand how vulnerable parent of a daughter feel.
  • Love
    Many a times I have asked myself what exactly Love is? Recently the penny dropped for me… Love is Just Being…
  • Pranayama
    Pranayama is generally understood as breath control, it is true partially; as Prana is not intake of breath it is the ‘Life force energy’ in us which flows freely. When this prana can’t flow freely in our body we start manifesting mental, physical emotional issues.
  • Meditation
    A lot has been talked about meditation. I am only going to tell you what happens when we meditate and how does it affect our state of being. And what we can do to achieve that state of Peace and Calm, if not Bliss.
  • Thoughts
    When we are going through an issue it becomes so big in our head that our mind starts controlling us. I have always maintained mind is part of us; we are not part of our minds. Let us understand how we can become in charge of mind.
  • Miracle
    “What is this LIFE, if not a miracle?” Isn’t it a Miracle, Magic happened to us?
  • Drop the judgement
    Always remember when you criticize something or someone you are actually criticizing a part of your own being as you will only recognize that part of the other which resonates with you energetically.
  • Life is nothing but moments
    Life is nothing but moments. And what happens when we get stuck in our issues and spoil that one moment and it keeps coming back to haunt you?
  • Ask and you will receive
    Ask and you will receive – Jesus How many of us understood what it meant? I didn’t.
  • Love yourself first in order to love others
    Most of us have grown up thinking and believing it is too selfish to think of oneself before others. Here I am saying otherwise. What does it mean?