• What’s your style?
    Last evening during the feedback of my Art Therapy Methodology book, I realized I take in too much on my plate, more that I can digest in a literal sense and otherwise. My way of learning is to look at a particular topic from a 360 degree perspective. And in order to do that I…
  • pause
    After running around all over the place for so many years, trying to find myself.
  • Discernment vs Judgement
    In my Chakra workshop, one of the participants asked me how to release judgement about a person.
  • Mirrors
    “Your perception of me, is a reflection of you. My reaction to you is an awareness of me.” Unknown
  • Interaction between Gross and Subtle bodies 1.0
    We experience the world in 2 ways through Physical and Energetic body.
  • Fake it till you make it 2.0
    This is in continuation of my last post, Fake it till you make it. I felt the need to explain it further.
  • Fake it till you make it
    “Fake it till you make it”. Isn’t that a lot of motivational speakers say? Affirm everyday and you will be sorted.
  • I love you
    This happened many months back. I felt like sharing it with you today. I saw a dream that I remember vividly,
  • You and I
    When I was doing my Hypnotherapy course and we came to the Module of ‘Past life’ .
  • Break the barrier!
    I have been in depression for good part of my life. If I look back now, I think from the age of 7-8 till the age of 42-43 years.
  • Reiki Level -1
    Reiki is that Prana/Ki/Chi which flows in us freely and abundantly. The disease itself speaks of being at dis-ease, 
  • Two Important Practices
    I read this article somewhere and I felt like sharing it with all of you. Do leave a comment if it makes sense to you or brings some perspective.
  • Detachment
    Detachment! This word has come to me several times in the past week.
  • Manifestation!
    Hola people!! Off lately whatever I wish for/crave for/think of miraculously happens.
  • Money is just an energy
      Since I am starting my venture “Daanpeti”  it is imperative that I clarify questions many have regarding my ‘Pay as you Like’ sessions:
  • Reiki and I
    “A dark cloud is no sign that the sun has lost his light” Charles Spurgen
  • ‘Letting Go’
    I have clients asking me questions and whenever they were facilitated into figuring their answers out.
  • Reiki Level – 1
    17th & 18th February 2018 10:30 am – 6:30 PM  @ Goregaon west Fine tune your inner voice and tap into the most amazing, simple yet powerful source of energy to bring in the best in you.
  • Society
    Society was made initially for our convenience and safety. As humans we are not meant to stay alone,
  • Relationships
    Any relationship is bounded by the limits we put to it. Relationships are explored through our idea of it,
  • Energy Healing
    What is Energy healing and how does it work? To understand this we first need to understand
  • Letting go
    It was time for Ganpati to go and an emotional time for us.
  • Highs and lows
    Nature which is so beautifully synchronized that it doesn’t need anyone to remind it to bring in Sun
  • Death, an ultimate truth
    Many times I have sat and wondered how would I behave, what would I do
  • Surrender
    When I tried doing it all by myself, I failed. When I left it to HIM
  • Night and Day
    When the night is dark and it’s often too stark; It surprises me that I managed to reach this mark
  • Who am I?
    Am I that very person people expect me to be, their perception of me?
  • God is in charge
    When God takes something from your grasp, HE is not punishing you,
  • Love is
    Many times I have asked myself what exactly Love is?
  • A shift in perspective
    When I look around, I see so much of beauty all around in nature
  • Focus
    I would like to share a story today: A boy went to the Principal and said: “Madam, I won’t be coming to School anymore.”
  • This drama called life
    Like every story we hear, a movie we watch or play we catch, we too are characters of our own story.
  • A balanced life
    We hosted Ganpati (Elephant God) this year, and the energies were joyous.
  • To love is to illuminate the world
    “With all that love and longingness Earth awaits the Sun to come back and shower her  with his wonderful, energising energy.
  • On forgiveness
    What does forgiveness mean to you? Does it mean that you are now okay with whatever happened to you
  • On the art of unlearning
    A little while ago, I posted about unlearning and was asked this question, “How does one unlearn?”
  • Have you boxed yourself in?
    Last year, I had this fantastic opportunity to be with a group of exuberant people of different places of the world at CapoeirAsia.
  • A New Beginning
    A little over two months ago, I decided I needed a new website. When I started my journey, dabbling with various healing modalities, I had no one to guide me.
  • Little Girl
    While I am reading Richard Bach’s book “Running from Safety” a constant nagging thought running parallel in my mind what if I run into my younger self. What will I see, what will I say, what would I do?
  • Routine or Rhythm
    An interesting question was asked by a dear friend of mine. What is more important, Routine or Rhythm?
  • Dialogue between mind and soul
    I slept really late last night, somehow couldn’t get my sleep. When I woke up early morning a tiny little voice in me said, ‘Go back to sleep, you deserve a proper 8 hour sleep minimum.’
  • Celebration
    Celebrate the vibrant colors of life this Holi Festival. Each day of our life can be a celebration.
  • Act of kindness
    'Act of kindness' brings in smile on our faces,How about being kind towards self #lovingself #kindnessreikiprinciple pic.twitter.com/pi02lhQrDA — Swati (@swatmishra) March 15, 2016
  • Self-love
    Often when I ask the participants of my workshops what is that one thing you love about yourself the most.
  • Let your daughters fly
    I am a mother of 12 year old boy. Dinner table conversations with friends’ evoked memories Since I am mother to a boy I will never be able to understand how vulnerable parent of a daughter feel.
  • Love
    Many a times I have asked myself what exactly Love is?
  • Pranayama
    Pranayama is generally understood as breath control, it is true partially;
  • Meditation
    A lot has been talked about meditation. I will only share with you what happens when we meditate
  • Thoughts
    When we are going through an issue it becomes so big in our head that our mind starts controlling us.
  • Miracle
    “What is this LIFE, if not a miracle?” Isn’t it a Miracle, Magic happened to us?
  • Drop the judgement
  • Life is nothing but moments
    Life is nothing but moments. And what happens when we get stuck in our issues