February 6 @ 2:30 pm February 27 @ 5:30 pm

You may have experienced at sometime in your life when you met someone for the first time you felt an instant connect or when you visited a place for the first time you had an affinity towards it.

That was nothing but the interaction of your energy with the person or the place  that made you feel in a certain manner.

We are much more than the physical body and our interactions with others are beyond the 5 senses.

The energy interaction happens at various levels in your life on a daily basis. Sometimes you are able to understand it, sometimes it’s not so easy to do so.

Reiki/Chi/ Prana/Universal energy that flows in your body can only be felt if you are deeply rooted in your intuition and when you have a better understanding of the energy structure.

In order to understand the energy structure and the language of your soul, it’s important that you start listening from your heart.

Reiki Level – 1 workshop with Swati Mishra helps understand the Energy structure, the language of Intuition and how to deepen the connect with the energy so that one can figure out the subtle signals.

Workshop covers:

  • Chakras
  • Aura
  • Clair senses (language of Intuition)
  • Sensing the Energy
  • Attunement in Reiki Level – 1 (Touch Healing)
  • Points for Touch Healing

Reiki Level – 1 Workshop is spanned over 4 weeks, once a week for 3 hours. It is an interactive and a practical approach to be able to imbibe the principles of energy and its usage