Once I have interacted with you, and we’ve discussed your particular needs, I will recommend a therapeutic approach. I ask for a 12-session minimum commitment to your self and your life. Sessions are conducted in person or via Skype.

These sessions are experiential and unless you actually participate in them you won’t know whether they work for you or not.

Be open and receptive to soothing, calming energies; trust the process; try out a new, different approach to life and ultimately of course to the change it brings.

It’s possible. However in my experience, when you make the all important decision to heal yourself, your lifestyle changes all always for the better.

My approach involves meeting with you, having a chat about you, your life and whatever is troubling you. After this, I will recommend a therapeutic approach which might involve a single modality or a combination of modalities depending on the nature of your specific needs. My therapies are individualised and do not follow a rigid pattern.

If you are looking for a particular practice area from among the therapies I offer, that’s fine. I have a transparent pricing chart that you can view and pay for the therapy you opt for online. However, I do not recommend one off sessions as they are unfair to both you and me.

Absolutely! You may not understand energy, but you do experience and feel it daily without even realising it. The beauty of energy healing is that it works for whoever is open to it.

Results vary from person to person. I can’t promise you that ‘x’ number of sessions will change your life as the results depend on your openness and your willingness to do the work we mutually decide upon.

Please don’t. Continue to take your medications as prescribed by your Doctor. My therapies are complementary to medical practice and not a replacement.

When you work with me to transform your life, the hours that I dedicate to working with you are set aside exclusively for you. There are no everyday distractions or interruptions. When you ask me for support via text or Whatsapp, I may not be in a position to focus my energy on you at that particular moment, and I may not be able to offer you my best self. Just like a doctor or a psychologist, I am always available for emergencies. If it’s not an emergency, for your well-being, you should wait until our next session when I am able to focus all my energy on you.

Sometimes healing energies can overwhelm you. To bring about the desired change one may go through some occasional discomfort. However, I take proper precautions and do not push my clients to confront whatever they are not ready to deal with.

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