All of us have a Guardian Angel who is our protector and a guide.He is always by our side right from our birth even if we are consciously not aware of him. A buddy we are born with.

We grow together and he helps us giving us messages and cues all along. He subtly does his work in the back ground however he is waiting for you to connect with him 🙂

In this fun but intensive workshop you learn to work as a team with your Guardian Angel, inviting him in your space and allowing him to be a major part of your life.


  • To be able to hear, and understand your Guardian Angel through various methods, as well as visualizations and meditations.
  • Ways to recognize your Angel, .
  • Connect with him and get messages via different methodology.
  • Recognize the signs how they are communicating with you.

It’s an 8 week program with Swati Mishra  , Angel Teacher from Diana Cooper School of white Light.

Cover Photo by Tú Nguyễn from Pexels